Global Ye! Launch with the G20: only 2 months to go!

Ye! members are very familiar with some of the challenges facing young entrepreneurs. Excessive bureaucracy and lack of financing options for youth are just some of the obstacles facing aspiring entrepreneurs in many countries across the world. So far, Ye! has been offering you direct support through our community, coaching, country pages, trainings and pitching events, but we want to go further!

This is why the Ye! team is honored to announce our first formal, global launch! Taking place on September 10th in Antalya, Turkey, the Global Ye! Launch will be hosted by the G20 as part of their SME meetings. By bringing governments, investors, and multilaterals to the table, the Ye! team and CYFI is now also advocating for better national policies for young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship education in school, simpler business regulations, and increased access to finance and investment for youth are just some of the themes being discussed.

What can governments, banks, the G20 and the UN do to help entrepreneurs like you? Let us know! Simply write to Philip from the Ye! team via and we’ll bring your questions and suggestions with us to Turkey!

Photo: © Dennis Jarvis / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

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