Ye! Community is open to all young entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship or would like to support young entrepreneurs.

At Ye! Community, we believe in: 

  1. Respect: We collaborate with other Ye! Community Members, Coaches, and Ye! Partners based on mutual trust and respect. And we won’t exploit the community for any kind of monetary gain. As a general guideline: We treat others as we want to be treated ourselves.
  2. Impact:  We care not just about building successful companies and organizations, but also about our planet and the people that we impact. We’ll seek to apply the triple bottom line approach – people, planet, and profit – to our enterprises.
  3. Diversity: We celebrate differences. We’ll never discriminate against members on basis of national origin, race, gender, religion, age or social status.
  4. Community: We understand that the Ye! Community is only as strong as its members and their commitment to the community. So wherever and whenever we can, we respond to other members’ messages and offer our help to support other community members.
  5. Pride: We are proud of being part of the Ye! Community! We are happy to spread the word on the Community and together we will make this into the largest global online community for and by young entrepreneurs!

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