We love awards! What’s not to love? The fun, the tension, the great stories you hear... And oh, and those emotional acceptance speeches!

Here at the Ye! office in Amsterdam, (where we are experiencing a rare hot day) we are buzzing with excitement! We have just launched our very first Ye! Global Awards and are already planning the Award Ceremony in Sweden.

4336Hoping to see the Northern Lights in Sweden (Photo credit: Greenzowie / Flickr)

This award will be given to an outstanding young entrepreneur with a successful enterprise. And what makes this award ultra special is that the winner can be from anywhere in the world!! This means that we will be hearing some great stories from many countries. We have already received incredible applications from Ye! members and read about some Seriously. Cool. Enterprises.

Our awards fever has been building up for some time already - we already had a big party at UNCTAD where we awarded the Kenya Award to Ifrah Mohammed, and Ye! member Sandra Leito received the award for Best Pitch. Who gave them the award? None other than the UN’s Special Envoy on Youth, Ahmed Alhendawi. Now that’s how you get an award in style!

4338Look at those smiles! 

Think you've got what it takes? Apply for the Global Ye! Youth Entrepreneurship Award today!

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