Four Visual Content Marketing Hacks to Boost your Business

By Ajala Sodiq Babalola

Whether you’re already an entrepreneur or just considering starting your own business, although you may not break even right away, with these hacks you can reach that point sooner rather than later.

Your current estimated breakeven point ( may be five years from now, but who says that you can’t achieve it in one or two? The trick to speeding up the process of reaching the breakeven point is advertising your business wisely.

Fortunately, there are several marketing hacks that you can use to your advantage to reach your breakeven point faster! Try these four visual marketing hacks to boost your business:

1. Use user friendly design tools

Irrespective of your artistic abilities, there are many online tools which can help you create eye catching graphics and designs for your website.

Canva and Picmonkey are two online resources worth considering for creating visual content. Both sites provide a variety of unique design templates and layouts to best suit your preference and style. Not only are these apps easy to use, they also make it simple to create captivating and humorous captions for your visual content.

Skitch App is another resource worth trying out. This app is particularly helpful if you work while in transit on your mobile device.

2. Post strategically

You’ve just produced beautifully designed visual content to appeal to your audience. When and where you post this visual content is very important. This leads us to considering the characteristics of your target audience. It is their characteristics, such as likes, wants, needs, age, work, location, etc., that should help you decide when and where to post. A clear understanding of the characteristics of your target audience will help guide you in knowing which social media channels to use and when your target audience will be active online.

For instance, I promote my brand on LinkedIn around lunch time and the end of the workday every day. Why? Because my audience segment is predominantly lower-level corporate staff who are most likely to be on LinkedIn at lunch time and shortly after work is finished.

By using a similar method, you will know where to focus your marketing on social media and when to do so. You need to be certain that your information is getting to your target audience. The best way of doing so is by posting on the social media platforms your target audience is most likely use and at the time of day they are most likely to be online.  

3. Leverage your competitor’s audience

George Soros said that ‘’it is much easier to put existing resources to better use than to develop resources where they don’t exist.’’ With this in mind, identify the "big boys" or the most influential companies in your industry. Get to know your competitors, and discover who has the most followers and who has the most funds allocated for advertising.

Strategically promote your business by noticing what other businesses like yours are doing and then try to think one step ahead. Here is a great article explaining the many ways you can make competition work for you Just like that, you’ve now successfully leveraged your competitor’s audience.

4. Have a visually rich landing page

The number one rule of a landing page is that it is not just about what visual content you use; it’s about why you use that visual content.

The second rule is to focus on visuals first and then use words or short phrases to buttress them. Therefore, ensure that you use high-quality visual content with features such as testimonials from satisfied customers. That is, feature a short video or captivating picture, with compelling feedback on the problems, wants, or needs your business or product solved. This is an easy way to display your successes in an exceptional way. When visitors land on rich pages like this, they are much more likely to become your next customer!

Now you are ready to create some content!

With these four key hacks in mind, it is important to remember that visual content is not limited to just images and videos. Visual content also includes infographics, screenshots, and slideshow presentations.

Since the price of advertising and web design can be overwhelming, these four key hacks provide a DIY and cost-effective ways to advertise. Try them and see how quickly your business can breakeven.

Ajala Sodiq Babalola is a guest blogger for the YE! Community. He works as a research analyst in an international organization. You can visit his website at

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