How to Attract High-End Clients for Your Enterprise

Interested in growing your business? One way to increase business sales and improve profitability is to strategically target high-end clients. High-end clients can afford to purchase more of your products or services in a higher price range. A dedicated program and strategy, combined with high-end clients’ greater purchasing power and increased frequency of purchases will properly inform target audiences. Targeting high-end clients will ultimately allow you as an entrepreneur to capitalize on potentially game-changing consumers.

The leads these high-end customers generate have the potential to grow your client base among customers of a similar income and commitment level, further increasing the reach of a strategy that targets high-end clientele. So, let’s break down how a business should attract high-end clients.

High-end clients can be divided into the following three categories:

1. Ideal clients - These are clients with a large circle of influence. These clients have been identified as market influencers in a specific sector or across many sectors. Ideal clients are people who businesses identify as regular purchasers and who purchase products or services at a higher price point.

2. Long-term clients – These clients have the potential to utilize the services offered for an extended period. They are also identified as potential clients for long-term contracts.

3. High-paying clients - These clients understand the value of the products and services on offer and are willing to pay more than the average client.

How to attract more high-end clients to your Business

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1. Design high-end Services - You need to dedicate time and energy into developing, tweaking, or identifying which of your products and/or services you will be selling to a high-end client. Designing and packaging high-end services often begins with a specific program or analysis geared towards identifying which of your products may perform best or are best suited for this specific consumer group. This can be done using case studies, market research or surveys. Determining high-end services includes the following steps:

  • Lay out the name of the service or program, in result oriented language, as explained by the Marketing Mastery Program: a marketing business acceleration program developed for independent businesses. This program includes coaching, step-by-step marketing training, sales techniques, community support and access to mentors. Templates and checklists are available to assist in transforming a business from attracting average-income clients to one that generates high-end clientele.

  • A few paragraphs outlining the need for the program. Determine what is missing, not working or currently broken that the prospective product or service needs to fix.

  • A brief outline of the Ultimate Outcome or what your product or service brings to the market that is unique. This should address what problem your product/service provides a solution to.

  • Describe how your service gets a client from Business to Customer (B to C sales).

For instance, James Gill, founder of GoSquared Analytics, a real-time analytics service, and his two co-founders boast that over 30,000 businesses use their analytics services. James and his partners started at the age of 15. At the time, they were engineers who thought they could make an advertising platform. What they found was that users only wanted a small part of their platform offering - the analytics. After a few weeks, they made the tough call to scrap everything but the analytics component, and put up a very basic pricing page to see who'd bite. Within two days they had their first three clients. James Gill advises, “If you have free users, don't ask people if they'll pay. Put a price up and charge them.”

  • Bullet points explaining the benefits and advantages the client will receive when they use this service.

  • Including a description of the Basic Structure of the service and how it’s implemented.

  • Call-to-action to find out more about the service.

  • Write a high-end service letter; a distinct, high quality written representation of your company. A high-end service letter should always carry your company’s logo or brand. You may be writing to tell them new or revised services/products and their adjusted costs, upcoming events or special offers, a thank you, or you may use it to respond to a customer complaint on behalf of your company. Whatever the content of the letter, the tone should be formal.

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2. Determine the right marketing message -

After identifying what products to market and who your audience or ideal customer will be, you need to develop the right marketing message. Identifying the right channels, materials, marketing strategy, and sales process to effectively communicate your message to high-end clients will determine the proper medium through which these clients encounter your product or service.

Several kinds of marketing materials are required for effectively marketing high-end services and products to high-end clients. These are often the same materials used for marketing your services to a more general audience, however, for this target group these materials are presented in a professional environment and with a more refined and deliberate strategy.

These materials include the following:

  • Professionally designed website - One that incorporates strong design and well-written copy. The purpose of your website should be to educate prospective clients about your services, and to prove that you are credible and capable. Information on who your clients are, what products you provide, details about your services, and ways to find information on success stories are all important to showcase on your website. Clarity of concept in the site design and easy access to all relevant information is critical.

To know more about how a website will greatly impact your business click here.

  • Research and Publish data displaying the value of your business- Giving a talk or hosting a webinar is the ideal way to meet prospective clients via networking. If you receive a call from a referral, point them towards a report or article published by external sources to disseminate credible information about your business. A report or article educates without selling and increases your credibility.

  • Audios or videos - Hire a professional to develop strong video and audio-visual content for marketing your business. Don’t skimp out, high-end clients will know the difference.

  • Questionnaire - These are provided to prospective clients after they commit to meeting with you to explore how your products or services can improve and what clients are currently missing. It may also be beneficial to have a prospective client answer a brief questionnaire giving insight into what they are looking for in a product or service. Surveys or questionnaires can help you to identify exactly what your target audience is looking for. Read more about most used survey building tools here.

  • Newsletter - Circulating a newsletter is also a good idea. High-end clients who receive a newsletter direct to their inbox understand that you are making an effort to keep them updated and tailoring your products or service offerings to their needs. High-end clients therefore exert as little energy as possible in accessing your products or services. Newsletters can be sent all clients depending on your scale and budget.

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3. Bringing all the elements together - To earn the right to charge more for your services you must organise your business, products or services, internal programs, and marketing strategy to produce high-end results. Completing the necessary steps will ensure that high-end clients are happy to pay more. When high-end clients are certain of the experience or quality they will receive they feel valued as customers. It is important the ensure these clients feel like high-end clients.

What is the takeaway?

Selling & Marketing high-end services is a complex task. Making this transition takes time. Attracting more high-end clients is a decision that must come with a comprehensive marketing strategy, distribution program, and product or service design. It is not an accident if a business has attracted high-end clients but a chosen path with concrete execution.

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