Ye! brings you a compilation of terms and phrases which may or may not be completely unnecessary. Who says these things? We are not totally sure, but once you have them in your vocabulary you will no longer be the odd woman/man out when someone uses one of these catchy terms in your presence. Go forth into the crazy jargon filled universe of entrepreneurship with confidence. Ye! has your back.

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1. Offline - Have you ever been in a meeting where two colleagues go completely off topic, only to realise soon after by drawing attention to their complete digression and stating, “we’ll talk about this offline.” Sometimes you just think, well that’s weird, aren’t we already offline…?

2. Babylonian orgy - This term is used to describe a boring conference someone has to go to out of town. This term is only to be used if the individual going to the conference will enjoy 0 minutes of of their out of town conference experience. Example that is ripe with sarcasm-- “I am so looking forward to the conference next week. It is sure to be a Babylonian orgy” Because we all know that no one ever looks forward to a babylonian orgy.

3. Wired in - Popularized by the film The Social Network, detailing the history of Facebook. This term simply means a person is working, listening to music and/or listening to a podcast and therefore it may be near impossible to get their attention. Someone who is wired in could also be referred to as, in the zone, as in the work zone.

4. An '800 pound gorilla.'. - This term is usually applied to Google, Facebook, or Amazon, or other tech giants who are taking on or disrupting the normal process through which things currently work. Or by taking down a few startups in a growing industry. Does this metaphor work...could be about time for a terminology update.

Gorilla at the Zoo

"Don't mind me. I won't be disruptive at all."

5. Hand-grenade close - Roughly on-target, or within range. Still there may be room for error. Seems quite a violent term for the office if you ask us.

6. Ghost work - The uncompleted tasks that laid off employees, or employees who’ve quit leave for the rest of us. Please don’t leave us haunted by your work.

7. Rasterbator - A person who uses photo-editing software compulsively. Like, they never quit.

8. Entremanure - A self-employed risk taker that can't catch a break. Everything this person works on turns to well, you know, poop.

9.Double geeking - When you use two computers at the same time. "Triple-geeking" is using three computers at the same time, and so on. Basically nerding out because, really, why do you need to be using three computers at once?

10. App-athy - when you couldn’t care less about someone’s newest app.

Check out this video to learn even more crazy terms. Test these out...or don't, it's up to you!

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