Best of the Web

Jul 31, 2017

In this week’s, Best of the Web we highlight articles on starting up and VC funding. Check out our top reads below.

The business potential of pre-revenue startups (Quick read, 6 minutes)

Ever wondered how investors decide on investing in pre-revenue startups? This piece analyses some of the key factors in investing in early stage startups. A very informative read.

The pros (and cons) of working with a new VC (Quick read, 3 minutes)

Why looking at smaller less established VCs may be a good move for your startup.

What does the influx of micro-VCs into the market mean for startups? (Medium read, 10 minutes)

Is this a good thing for founders or a bad thing…you be the judge.

6 costly mistakes to avoid when starting up (Quick read, 6 minutes)

Avoid these key mistakes made by many first-time entrepreneurs.

What is EFFO and why are startups using it? (Quick read, 5 minutes)

Learn why EFFO strategy is sweeping the startup world.

How not to start a startup (Medium read, 10 minutes)

Key points from a young entrepreneur who just did it only to realize some things need preparation.

Getting Startups Fired Up About Social Justice, One Sock At A Time (Medium read, 12 minutes)

An inspirational story on social giving and some key takeaways for those who operate a social enterprise.

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