Agroecology & Entrepreneurship

Agroecology, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development - ISP Africa discusses a project bringing together Italy & Uganda to foster sustainable agricultural practices.

How Agriculture can be Optimized for Power Generation in Developing Countries -  Young Entrepreneur, Michael Fagbohungbe discusses how bringing biofuels to rural communities of the developing world can bring potential benefits.

How 4 Startups are Transforming Agriculture - From Entrepreneur Mag India, Indian startups are changing the way farming is done.

How to Inspire a Generation of Entrepreneurs - The Guardian outlines how the continent's youth can find employment in agriculture, without getting their hands dirty.

Meet the 35 year-old Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Owns the Second Largest Rice Farm - Forbes Magazine heads to Nigeria to tell the story of Rotimi Williams, the entrepreneur on a quest to domestically produce rice.

Cover Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay

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