An Endeavour to Create a Medium Focusing on Diversity & Originality

From the Ye! Community 

By Eduard Vasilescu

Over the past couple of years, the rapid expansion of internet access has given once underground or minority groups a medium through which to reach the public. Today, many influential youth-led communities are known for putting out high-quality virtual content. Many millennials strongly relate to this type content as it tells the story mainstream media often overlooks. For example:

Vice Media is a North American digital media and broadcasting company whose YouTube channel has over 8 million subscribers and generally focuses on youth culture. Vice has managed to draw a considerable number of millennials to their content because of their raw, uncut style. Over the years, Vice has divided itself into smaller niche communication channels, such as: Vice News (news), Noisey (music), Motherboard (Technology), Broadly (Women's interest), i-D (Fashion) and so on.

i am OTHER is a multi-media creative started by Grammy Award-winning rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer, Pharrell Williams. This brand serves as an umbrella for his other endeavours. Pharrell describes the channel as a “cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts.”  Check out the video clip to watch Pharrell discuss i am OTHER:

Complex is a New York-based media platform for youth culture that reports on trends in style, pop culture, music, sports and sneakers. They are known for quickly responding to important events and changes that take place in the urban world. One of their biggest hits is the series “<Celebrity> Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex” which attracts millions of views per episode. They are taking their presence beyond the digital space and into the real world through ComplexCon:

These great digital media content creators continuously inspire one another. These influential companies have provided the inspiration for a group of students from Coventry University (Coventry, England), to consider creating their own platform - Project Nomad. The idea was initiated by the writer of this post:

“We are at the beginning of our journey towards creating Project Nomad. We are presently gathering the right people into the team, setting up our studio and gear, and we are using any platform we can to spread the word, which is why I am writing to you today on the Ye! Community. We want to use this post as our chance to get our idea out to the public and receive valuable feedback from you! As a global community of entrepreneurs from around the world, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback, as well as open the door to other opportunities to collaborate.

So, you ask, what is Project Nomad? The answer – a cultural, digital media community that will focus almost exclusively on the diversity within youth culture. Our mission, is to create a platform to talk openly about culture, question stereotypes, explore differences and experience different cultures. We plan to discuss life in the UK as both natives and foreigners, breaking down how we perceive different elements of the broader human experience depending on our cultural background.

Simply put, Project Nomad will be a place where people connect and relate to the content. The platform of choice to broadcast our content is YouTube and we want to start off by taking advantage of our University’s extraordinarily-diverse student body.  We will host a weekly web series where we casually sit-down to discuss various topics such as culture, experiences, music, stereotypes, fashion and so on.

What do we hope to achieve by creating Project Nomad? That no matter which part of the globe we come from, we can appreciate each other’s uniqueness and continuously create and inspire beautiful bonds to grow between cultures.

Therefore, we ask you, the reader, to give us your honest opinion and constructive comments with regard to our project at:

Project Nomad will start posting on YouTube mid-October 2017.

Cover Image Courtesy of: Pixabay

This post was written by guest contributor Eduard Vasilescu. Eduard is currently studying business at Coventry University in the UK and is a regular contributor to the Ye! Community Blog.

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