Fintech & the Youth

Fintech (Financial technology) is developing as a new space for innovation and opportunity!

  1. FinTech Will Lead Financial Literacy in Teenagers A praise for the development of Fintech in the making of financially-responsible adults
  2. 5 Fintech Innovations for SMBs This blogpost from the Business blog presents five Fintech trends to advantage small and midsize businesses
  3. Why the Future of Payments May Lie Deep in the Past GIGAOM blog delivers a post on how Fintech companies have changed the way we receive and give money.
  4. Fighting for Their Financial Freedom: Millennials Reinventing FinTech A new Fintech revolution shaped by the needs of the new generations
  5. UNICEF Innovation Fund UNICEF has launched an Innovation Fund meant to support open source technology like Fintech that can benefit children.

Cover Photo Courtesy of: Martin Louis

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