Millennials are taking the world mobile - from finance to health, there is an app for that! Millennials are leading the way in creating and shaping the way we access services on our mobile devices. Check out this week's Best of the Web to learn more.

  1. 10 Outstanding Teenage App Developers to Watch Youth around the globe are changing every sector from education to finance through their innovations.

  2. Mobile Will Eat the World in 2017 Why everything, and everyone is going mobile.

  3. How Millennials are Shaping Mobile App Design How will apps look in the future? Just ask a millennial.

  4. Finance Apps Have a Millennial Mobile Moment Finance apps are gearing their services toward the demands of millennials.

  5. 29-Year-Old CEO Shares His Advice for Young Entrepreneurs This young CEO shares his expriences and advice from growing a successful company.

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