Ye! recently traveled to Egypt for the Ye! Training and Workshop. The workshop was given as part of The Cairo Innovates Exhibition where entrepreneurs from across Egypt gathered to showcase their startups.


Ye!, in collaboration with SANAD and Nile University organized the training, which focused on public speaking and presenting your business to investors. The training was attended by young entrepreneurs of all startup stages. Twenty-four entrepreneurs from all over Egypt came to Cairo to exchange ideas and learn how to present their businesses to really wow investors.

Mohamed Gouda, the manager of the Technology Incubator of Nile University led the workshop. The Nile University Technology Incubator focuses on assissting youth entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas, creating business plans, and commercialising their products. Mohamed specializes in building and managing the incubator team to ensure young entrepreneurs have access to the tools necessary to run their startups.

Also present for the training was the Ye! Community Director, Lubna Shaban. Lubna spent time one-on-one with each entrepreneur, listening to their pitches and giving feedback. With her experience working with funders, she gave tips on what exactly investors are looking for. She critiqued each entrepreneurs pitch so that in the future they can knock investors socks off to secure their funding needs.

Representing all different sectors and backgrounds, the young entrepreneurs interacted avidly with one another, making for an informative and lively day for all in attendance. Overall, the workshop provided an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to hear the business successes and stories of their peers, further strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt. With more events like these on the horizon, Ye! continues to build a network of young entrepreneurs who are connected and supportive of one another.

Ye! has held trainings and workshops in more than 10 countries, with more being planned as we speak! Ye! trainings and workshops are led by regional stakeholders, local hubs, and of course by the young entrepreneurs themselves. As young entrepreneurs continue to shape the startup environment they demand events and workshops which address their needs specifically.

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