Ye! social entrepreneur Irving Amukasa shares the story of Sophie bot. A bot designed to answer Kenyans' sexual health questions.

By Irving Amukasa

Hi, I’m Irving Amukasa and I make bots. Been making them way before they were famous, back when messaging platforms didn't allow them, back when I had to build my own android apps just so I could implement bots.Want proof? Here are the links Aibible and Ultipedia AI edition.

Not so long ago, I got lucky, bots became famous in the tech scene. I started a new startup, Sophie Bot. A bot to answer all those awkward questions you have on sexual and reproductive health. I got even luckier when an initiative branded i-am initiative went all over Kenya asking innovators to develop solutions around sexual and reproductive health, for a chance at seed funding and acceleration. Yes, there was a pitching event at the end.


Yes this is me pitching Go #TeamSophie

I got even luckier and we got the seed funding, plus acceleration!

A week later it hit me. I was also featured in a publication on bots and businesses and what better way to reconcile the two than chronicling the story about a bot that is a business. So I ask you today to join me as I give you insights on how it feels running bots as a business in one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. The Magical Kenya - the Silicon Savannah itself.

To bring you up to speed, we launched on the Google Playstore, twitter, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. We have been moderately gaining users till one morning I woke up to this:


That Playstore link doesn't lead to the Google Playstore, got you!

But, fret not! An appeal has been sent and me and the team are busy promoting the other ways you can use Sophie.

That’s all for now.

Oh I don’t work alone, here is the team:



You can learn more about Sophie Bot here and follow the story on Medium

Irving Amukasa is a tech enthusiast who is also passionate about bridging the gap between tech and public services. His startup Sophie Bot helps Kenyans answer tough questions on sexual health. Learn more about Irving on his Ye! Profile.

This story was originally published by Irving Amukasa on Medium.

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