With young entrepreneurs around the globe taking action and demanding that their voices be heard in shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in their country, Ye! members have come together to create yet another offline community- this time in Cameroon.

Desmund Egbe is the newest Ye! Ambassador! Desmund is actively engaged in building a Ye! local chapter in Cameroon to address the needs of young entrepreneurs. Working closely with other young entrepreneurs, Desmund is raising awareness on the unique challenges faced not only by entrepreneurs in emerging economies, but specifically by youth entrepreneurs in these countries.

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This January, Desmund and his fellow young entrepreneurs gathered together to discuss the current state of affairs in Cameroon and where they plan to take action.

The team will begin by creating a steering committee to define an action and outreach plan. The team hopes to engage all the influential local actors and combine forces to ensure their efforts are efficient and far reaching. Presently, the team shares information and relevant opportunities day and night through their active WhatsApp group discussion and via their Facebook page.

Desmund and his team are already building on their individual networks and reaching out to local entrepreneurship hubs, accelerators, startups, nonprofits, and government ministries to create a youth movement and secure the future success of young entrepreneurs across the country. With the long-term goal of organizing a youth-led, youth focused, awareness building event, the team have their work laid out for them!

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