Identifying Social Problems which can become Business Solutions

At the 2017 WINGSForum session on ‘Social problems: business solutions: myth or fact?’, the panel discussed questions about social enterprises and their interaction with the philanthropic sector. Topics discussed included the question of can social enterpreneurs help solve social problems? Should they be funded by philanthropists although they might earn a profit? Are business models more effective than philanthropic activities in making an impact?

When business solves a problem, it makes a profit — which lets that solution grow.

Social entrepreneurs are changing the world by solving problems with entrepreneurial means. Several dozen of them are taking part in this year's World Economic Forum in Davos at the invitation of the Schwab Foundation.

Rising obesity. Human Trafficking. Re-skilling the workforce. A lack of quality education and safe water for the poor in the developing world. Whose job is it to solve these problems?

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