Why is Digital Marketing Important for Medium and Small Enterprises?

By Vineet Arya


One of the key differentiators of the success of a business is the number of customers that it can reach as more customers mean more sales volume.  One of the technological innovations that helps a business in this direction is digital marketing. It is indeed a boon for MSMEs as it lets you reach your target audience with ease, simplicity and at very low cost. Cost is always a concern for most MSMEs.

Why would anyone not want to use the power of the internet with over 3 billion users to further the cause of their own business?

But it is a fact that deploying digital marketing for their own benefit seems a herculean task for many MSMEs as they feel that they are not adept nor attuned for the digital world, they also tend to think that they will not reach their target market or they simply do not have adequate information, lack sufficient human resource and tools to manage the digital world. Here is where organisations likeOutsourced CMO can help these MSMEs bridge the digital divide by using their expertise to give shape to the digital marketing campaigns of MSMEs, keep tabs on their effectiveness and take corrective measures as and when needed.

Importance of digital marketing


  • It is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your targeted customer.
  • Digital marketing campaigns give you total freedom to change your campaigns in quick time to suit the changing demands and that too without costing you a bomb.
  • These campaigns help you to keep in constant touch with your customers and thus help you maintain a live contact with them 24X7

Steps needed to benefit from digital marketing?


Build an Online Store

The days of real window shopping have now been replaced by virtual window shopping.  So don’t be left behind and get a website built for your MSME if you do not have one. Make sure that the website is well maintained and displays the latest products and information as you do not want to give a bad impression to your visitors (potential customers) by displaying outdated or irrelevant information., Also remember to make the website fully compatible with mobile phone display as around 44% consumers say that they use their mobiles as an important tool to decide which product to buy or not buy.

Maintain Consistency

Customers expect and appreciate consistency from organizations across platforms.  So it is vital for MSMEs to use a consistent tone while dealing with the customers across various channels whether it is online or mobile and even personal interaction. A consistent tone creates a favorable impression in the minds of the customers and increases customer satisfaction

Be up-to-date and nimble

 One of the purposes of going digital is to be available to the potential clients and customers 24X7 whereby people interested in your products are able to get the product description from where ever they want and at whatever time they want. Not only that they must be able to order/purchase their desired product round the clock. Thus it is imperative that your digital footprint is up-to-date in every aspect – product price, quantity available,  product dimensions etc otherwise a situation may arise wherein the customer orders a product after spending considerable time on zeroing in on the desired product but it turns out to be out of stock.  Such a situation reflects poorly on your organisation and may turn the visitor permanently away from your company.

So prepare a proper digital marketing strategy and ensure its proper implementation so as to reap the incremental benefits of digital marketing and take your company on the flight of success.

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