Why Shouldn't You Fall in Love with Your Business Idea? Ask a Coach

Chirag Shah is a top rated business coach and consultant with experience successfully coaching more than 25 startups across business domains, globally.

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Chirag Shah is a Chartered Accountant with 16+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, senior management and business coach/consultant. He was part of the turnaround story for companies in ERP and IT Consulting Services. He also assisted start-ups and entrepreneurs to write a new history and pave a path towards future growth. With entrepreneurial and consulting experience, and having managed every aspect of a business, Chirag Shah has championed strategies that connect the dots and  provide a solid foundation for the enterprise. 

Chirag Shah has coached more than 25+ entrepreneurs and start-ups based out of the USA, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, UAE, Malaysia & India, to name a few. Chirag has a deep understanding of the need for non-theoretical and by-your-side consulting & coaching for entrepreneurs and start-ups. He launched consulting services to cater to these same needs.

He has successfully coached start-ups in various business verticals including -

  • Drone Technology

  • Machine Learning

  • Digital & Social Marketing Services

  • Mobile App Development

  • eLearning

  • eCommerce

  • IT Product & Services

  • Investment Banking

  • Web Presence and Directory Services

  • Matchmaking Services

  • Online Music Aggregator and Download Services

  • Real Estate

  • ERP Consulting and Implementation

  • Food Delivery App  

Chirag has also provided consultancy services in the following areas - business ideation and validation, defining business plans and roadmaps, financial projections, marketing and go-to-market strategies, HR/man-management strategies, process definition and implementation, retention and growth strategies etc.

As Chirag started in 2000 as an entrepreneur, he saw many of the various successes and failures made by his peers. He came to understand the, ‘do’s and dont's’ of being a successful entrepreneur. Though there is no official mantra to become a successful entrepreneur, channelling your efforts in the right direction can provide the foundation and the skills necessary to take you on your way. He will be discussing all this and mored on Thursday 26 July 2018 from 16:30 - 17:30 GMT +2 (check your local time).

Chat and get to know more! Get in touch by reaching out to Chirag through his Ye! Coach Profile.

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