Caritta Seppä | Tespack (Energy) | Helsinki, Finland

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Caritta Seppä is the co-founder and chief operating officer at Tespack, a company that focuses on mobile energy. Caritta has a deep and well-suited background, holding a bachelor’s degree in international politics and two masters degrees in international relations and political science & government. She has gained expertise in renewables and wearables throughout her career.

Before entering her entrepreneurial career, Caritta had completed research for the Finnish Foreign Ministry. After a brief stint in the academic field, she wanted to start her own business. After long planning and proper due diligence, she successfully acquired government funding and raised sufficient capital from venture capital funds. She intended for her company to specialize in energy production on-the-go.

Her goal was to create a mobile energy source to meet any power demand for any occasion. Thus the Tespack Smartpack was born. The Smartpack allows users to collect energy from the sun, store it in one of the mobile chargers, and use it to power all devices on the move. Now four years into the company’s life, Caritta takes care of day-to-day tasks like overseeing financials and operations, managing the supply chain, among other responsibilities.

Her company has been very successful, and as such she has received a number of awards and honors. In 2018, she was shortlisted by Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe in the Industry category. She was one of the Winning Women Entrepreneurs in Europe 2017 by EY. Additionally, Caritta was one of the top 10 entrepreneurs under 30 in 2017 for the Global Ye! Awards.

Caritta now also serves as a mentor and advisor to aspiring young entrepreneurs and students, supporting and empowering others.

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