Global Food Waste: Eight Entrepreneurs Who are Solving the Problem

Entrepreneurship often addresses global issues. Curious about how some enterprises are tackling global hunger? Read on.

  1. Meet Momarr Mass Taal (Ye! Global Award Winner 2017), the TEF Entrepreneur who makes a Fortune from Reducing Crop Loss. Momar Taal employs a majority of women in his factories where he also offers training and upskilling schemes to ensure his workers are adept with skills for today's fast-paced economy.

  2. Kenya's smart greenhouse texts when your tomatoes need wateringBrian Bett, Ye! Community member and Founder of Illuminum Greenhouses is ensuring that small scale farmers have access to the technology they need like smart greenhouses.These greenhouses monitor humidity, temperature and soil moisture.

  3. FarmFund sets to assist farmers with funding. Ye! Community member, Joshua Ajisope started his social venture to support rural farmer in accessing the funding they need to grow their ventures.

  4. A Circular Food System –Interview With Tristram Stuart. Tristram Stuart, Founder of food waste organisation Feedback, is someone who looks at the failings of the current take, make, dispose system and sees endless possibilities. Anna Glasser caught up with Tristram to find out why we should look forward to living in a ‘food loop’.
  5. Interview with Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu from Coldhubs. ColdHubs provides solar-powered cooling systems that help farmers in off-grid areas in Nigeria to maintain and extend the life of their harvest.

  6. Raising the Bar: How OLIO’s Food Sharing Revolution attracted $6 Million in Series A Investment. On a tight budget, the need for OLIO was proven with the WhatsApp chat app, allowing neighbours to let other neighbours know when they had excess food going spare. 

  7. Women in Agtech: Amanda Weeks Says Female Founders Have to Jump Through More Hoops to Get Investors Excited. Amanda Weeks is cofounder and CEO of Industrial/Organic, which means she’s not just a women in agtech, she’s also a woman in the male-dominated world of waste.

  8. Entocycle: Creating a Buzz with Alternative Protein. The world's first environmentally-controlled, fully-automated system to produce industrial levels of black soldier fly protein.

Photo Credit: Business Insider India

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