The entrepreneurship field is not gender equal, but this shouldn't stop you from building a successful venture. Below we share some of the best articles on how to tackle the challenge! 

  1. How Women Overcome Challenges in Business 
  2. Tackling Female Entrepreneur Challenges in 2018 
  3. How Women face Challenges in the Business World 
  4. The Top Challenges Faced by Women in Business in 2018 
  5. 5 Business Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome

Check out some of the female entrepreneurs of the Ye! Community who are rocking it!

  1. Sanjana Sanghi - The Pop-Up Hut. It is a unique food concept store where we introduce to you a different food pop-up almost every week/month! You can discover some of the hidden treasures of Bombay or even international flavors and food trends, all at ONE store.
  2. Aisa Mijeno - Sustainable Alternative Lighting Corp. We are a social startup developing a sustainable and cost effective ecological lamp activated by saltwater.
  3. Molly Burke - BAP Finance. BAP does asset financing loans for rural farmers in Uganda. With our first product, a lease to own bicycle, our farmer customers triple market attendance and increase income by over 35%.
  4. Agang K. - The Clicking Generation. The Clicking Generation is a social enterprise Academy for kids and teens that utilities age appropriate, interactive and fun filled approved technology curriculum.
  5. Andreea Pavel - Seed For Tech. Seed For Tech is a product-based company dedicated to early or later-stage startups. We build software products in exchange for equity and provide technology services for startups, depending on the needs.

Photo Credit: Ye! Community

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