For entrepreneurs, the circular economy presents a massive opportunity!

The world is only 9% circular! What do we mean by this? With over 90% of the raw materials used not cycled back into the economy, our planet needs to be urgently relieved.

Can we ensure our future prosperity given finite resources? Can we meet the needs of the 9 billion people — and 5 billion middle-class consumers — who will soon inhabit our planet, without destroying it? Can we restore our ecosystems while growing our businesses and economies? Could the answer to all of these questions possibly be yes?


Below we share some of the best articles on how the circular economy could offer an answer to such questions and how entrepreneurs are facing this new challenge.

  1.  Entrepreneurs tend to know a thing or two about sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The circular economy, however, is an idea that goes far beyond those concepts. To stay informed in this competitive business environment, it is important to understand circular economy and its implications. Here are the basics.
  2. The circular economy is quickly capturing the attention of change-makers around the world. It offers a way of growing our economies and businesses while facing up to the resource shortages and environmental degradation.Therefore, it presents a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs worldwilde.
  3.  How to build a business in the circular economy? Let's have a look at what is required to get a sustainable business model in the circular economy started.
  4. The circular economy is more than just recycling. Have a look on  how apps are positively influencing the way we handle waste and resources
  5. 8 examples of groundbreaking startups making the circular economy look easy

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