Data security is a set of standards and technologies that protect data from intentional or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure. Data security can be applied using a range of techniques and technologies that limit access to unauthorized or malicious users or processes. Such as:

  •   Data encryption: It applies a code to every individual piece of data and will not grant access  to encrypted data without an authorized key being given.
  •   Data masking: Masking specific areas of data can protect it from disclosure to external malicious sources, and also internal personnel who could potentially use the data.
  •   Data erasure: There are times when data that is no longer active or used needs to be erased from all systems.
  •  Data resilience: By creating backup copies of data, organizations can recover data should it be erased or corrupted accidentally or stolen during a data breach.

Data is at play in companies both large and small. All businesses today deal in data to a certain degree. From the banking giants dealing in massive volumes of personal and financial data to the one-man business storing the contact details of his customers on a mobile phone. Cyber Security as well as issues related to Privacy, Security and Trust are often left aside by entrepreneurs and startuppers. However, facing troubles related to this matters could have crushing effects, especially in the first phase of the creation of a business.  

Therefore, the importance of shielding data from security threats is more important today than it has ever been. This week, we have collected the best articles from the web showing how entrepreneurs are tackling this issue:

  1. Cyber security for entrepreneurs, where do we even start? As entrepreneurs we need to be serious about Cyber Security and make educated and conscious decisions to protect our business, our customers and ourselves. However, it may be difficult to have a team of cyber security specialists analyze your entire business to identify the potential risks. So where do you start? Learn more here!
  2. The tech industry had a momentous year in 2018, with several new technologies claiming the hearts and minds of insiders and observers alike. Innovations like blockchain, AI, and neural networks dominated headlines with their game-changing potential. These technologies permeate just about every sector, from public services to business. But, these leaps forward are not without their risks. Have a look at some security trends your company needs to embrace in 2019!
  3. As economies become more and more information-driven, the issue of women's access to and their use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is growing in importance. Researchers have demonstrated that the main factor discouraging women from entering the e-business market is the fear of the disclosure of their personal information. In comparison, men appear willing to sacrifice their privacy at the altar of profit from e-commerce. Discover more here about the digital security concerns and threats facing women entrepreneurs. 
  4. What are the business opportunities available in the field of data security? Starting a company that tackles the problem of data security has led many companies to success, but competition is extremely fierce (from both incumbents and software vendors/infrastructure providers). Small startups may have a hard time breaking through. Here we look at where opportunities remain in, 5 entrepreneurial opportunities in cyber security today!

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