Tamer Taha

Tamer Taha | 30

Business: Yomken (Technology)

Country: Egypt

Tamer Taha is the founder and chief executive of Yomken.com. Tamer has been dedicated to entrepreneurship and international development his whole life which led him to become a PhD fellow in Economics of Innovation at UN University-Maastricht where he is working

 on “Innovation and Employment in the Arab World.” Tamer is known for having perseverance and commitment to long-terms goals as well as being adaptable for short-terms goals.

He started his successful career as an analyst for the World Bank Group in France where he authored several regional reports. His extensive experience with international relations led him to get involved in consulting for the Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for their strategy on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Tamer has also been part of the experts’ committee of the “Innovation and Knowledge Pillar” of Egypt’s Vision 2030, as well as a mentor, assessor and trainer for some of Egypt’s youth and entrepreneurship programs and competitions. In 2016, Tamer was a finalist for the Ye! Community’s Global Youth Entrepreneurship Award and in 2017 he became an Ashoka Fellow.

Tamer launched his venture, Yomken.com, in 2012. Yomken is a regional CrowdSolving platform with headquarters in Cairo. Yomken means ‘it’s possible’ in Arabic representing its purpose accurately; by connecting innovators with NGO’s, local factories, startups and government institutions the platform works to crowdsource ideas and solutions to the industrial, environmental and societal challenges faced. When a challenge is posted to the platform innovators come forward to propose solutions which are then evaluated by internal and external experts before a solution is chosen.

Yomken also works as a platform to link innovation driven entrepreneurs to the market and connect them to funding and development opportunities. In four years Yomken has had a success rate of 80% implementing innovative solutions across sectors.

Yomken now operates in several Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries with a second office in Tunisia. Tamer is looking to connect with micro-finance institutions to help scale up small enterprises on the Yomken platform, the aim is to ensure 50% of micro-enterprises on the platform can secure funding.

To learn more about Yomken, watch below. Want to connect with Tamer? Message him directly through his Ye! member profile.

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