Ye! is Making Waves in Uganda with Two New Ambassadors!

Aisha Ali and Eddy Balina will be leading two Chapters in Uganda, one situated in Kampala and one in Jinja, to best serve entrepreneurs across the country. Together they will initiative and jointly lead various events to bring together organizations across metropolitan and rural areas.

Aisha and Eddy are using their know-how and business savvy to make an impact and empower children in Uganda. They believe that education is the most powerful tool to reduce poverty and to fight inequality. Moreover, driven by their desire to support other young entrepreneurs, they work hard to organize meetups and events, build partnerships with other organizations, and facilitate a stronger startup ecosystem in Uganda.

Aisha is a social entrepreneur and the executive director of I Profile Foundation, an enterprise that provides child empowerment programmes with special emphasis on leadership, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The Foundation runs long-term annual projects with primary schools and refugee youth to promote integration and the financial inclusion of children in Uganda.

Three years ago, Aisha had no idea how she, alone, could translate her love for children and refugees into a social enterprise. She had no clear strategy, but she knew she wanted to give back. She began simply by asking her friends to volunteer their time, from there, everything began to take shape.  With a deep belief that she could make a difference, coupled with the faith she held in her vision, she dug into her savings and decided to just get started. That is how I Profile Foundation began. As a burgeoning young entrepreneurs, she started attending a series of seminars and coaching sessions and become a part of the Ye! Community!

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Currently, Aisha’s Foundation is growing fast to include an even greater number of children and students, equipping them with the necessary skills to develop into full character leaders and manage their finances smartly.

In 2018, three years into her entrepreneurial journey, she is looking to go bigger! Driven by her desire to support other young entrepreneurs, she decided to take another step and lead the Ye! Chapter as the Ye! Ambassador, having worked closely with the previous Ambassador to organize many Ye! events and meetings. She is now working with a co-Ambassador who will be leading a Chapter in the neighbouring city of Jinja to expand the Ye! Community’s support for young entrepreneurs in Uganda.

Eddy Balina

Eddy is a social entrepreneur passionate about sustainable development through education and skills empowerment. Eddy is the team leader at the Non-Violence Project Uganda - a social venture that runs schools, skills centres and community outreach projects.

The Non-Violence Project Uganda aims to reduce poverty and violence in Uganda by providing quality holistic education for young people and vocational skills empowerment. The Non-Violence Project runs a community school, a vocational skills centre and a community outreach program. In 2018, The Non-Violence Project launched an important 3-year project to reduce youth violence in more than 250 Ugandan schools, engaging a total of 250,000 people in different local communities.

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Eddy believes that young people deserve a window of opportunity to spearhead positive social progress. It is out of this passion for inspiring and supporting young people that decided to take on yet another role to enhance his community. Eddy will be starting a brand new Ye! Chapter in Jinja as the newly appointed Ye! Ambassador. He will work in collaboration with Aisha to create peer-to-peer support networks among entrepreneurs in the country, and to expand the availability of resources, events, and information, which are offered via the Ye! Chapter, to an even greater number of young entrepreneurs

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