Have you heard that the Ye! Chapter in Uganda is expanding?

Ye! is bringing support and community to Jinja through its newest Chapter – Ye! Jinja! These guys mean business and right off the bat they are organizing the Youth in Business Summit 2019.

Newly appointed Ye! Ambassador, Eddy Balina, Team Leader at  the Non-Violence Project Uganda– a social enterprise working to reduce violence in Uganda’s slums through holistic education and vocational skills training, is organizing the upcoming Summit to jump start Ye! in Jinja.

In Uganda, the Ye! Chapter has been active in Kampala since 2016. To date, most of its activities have centered around Kampala. But with a growing number of young entrepreneurs joining the Chapter from outside the capital city, it was time to build a new Chapter to enhance the number of entrepreneurs able to attend Ye! Chapter events.

Eddy Balina - Entrepreneur and Business Coach is up for the challenge!

With his social enterprise located in Jinja, Eddy put himself forward to lead in the creation of this new Ye! Chapter. Hand-picked by previous Ye! Ambassador Sandra Letio, Eddy is ensuring the greatest number of young entrepreneurs have access to the Ye! support community and its events, resources, and network to grow their enterprises.

The Ye! Chapter, Jinja will be working to organize various capacity building and networking events alongside summits which aim to bring together partners from across the country to create a community that youth entrepreneurs can turn to, to expand their skills and grow their enterprises. Organizing its first event, the Ye! Chapter, Jinja, is partnering with the Non-Violence Project Uganda, Start Hub Africa, and UIFC, to bring the Youth in Business Summit to life. The theme of the summit is Turning Problems in Business Opportunities.

The event is open to both prospective and active entrepreneurs 30 years of age or younger. At the summit you will learn the nuts and bolts of starting and growing your idea into a sustainable business, you will also have an opportunity to network and see what other young entrepreneurs are doing to enhance their livelihoods and positively impact their communities in Uganda and the world.

Youth entrepreneurs from within the Ye! Community Uganda, alongside other successful entrepreneurs will be speaking, so get your notepad ready! Oh… and don’t forget your business cards! Speakers include:

  • Eddy Balina, Team Leader NVPU & Business Coach
  • Edwin Musime, TV host & CEO, Crest Group
  • Laura Althaus – Start Hub Africa
  • Sandra Letio, Founder & CEO, Pelere Group
  • Aisha Ali, CEO, I-profile Foundation & Finance Coach

What You Need to Know:

Theme: Turning Problems into Business Opportunities 

Fee: 10,000 UGX for meals

Time: 6th April 2019, 9:00 – 17:00 

Venue: Jinja Town Hall 

What can you expect to be at the Summit?

Business Training, Networking opportunities, Exhibition space and Edutainment 

For further info, head to the event page on Facebook.

More About Ye! Uganda

The Ye! Chapter Uganda began in 2016. Previous Ye! Ambassador, Sandra Letio started the Chapter from scratch and has built it to include more than 1000 members who are part of the network through the Ye! Global Platform, the WhatsApp group, and the Facebook page. The Ye! Chapter has organized a plethora of networking events and breakfast meetups. It has also organized two youth-led youth focused Summits, in 2017 & 2018. Since it began the Chapter has built a myriad of partnerships to enhance the capacities of young people to enterprise and sustain their businesses. With partners such as UN Women, UWEAL and the Uganda Small Scale Industries Association, the Ye! Chapter has been able to raise its concerns to the government to advocate for the youth in the community and impact policy change.

More about the Non-Violence Project Uganda

The Non-Violence Project Uganda is a non-profit organization based in Jinja, Uganda committed to prevention and reduction of youth violence. Our core aim is to inspire, motivate and engage young people in positive action. We stem violence through delivering well researched and holistic peace programs in addition to promoting alternatives such as music, creative arts, sports, volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

The escalating social problems of youth violence and poverty motivated a team of young people led by Eddy Balina who had just completed high school in 2010, to take action and officially started the Non-Violence Project Uganda in 2011. Youth violence manifested through violent strikes, bullying, discrimination, and sexual, emotional and physical abuse were rampant in addition to poverty in the communities fueled by the high rate of youth unemployment.

Our solution is simple, practical and effective. We have developed a three level Peace program for schools covering areas of conflict management, self-esteem and nonviolence. We establish Peace clubs to provide ongoing action, learning, networking and mentorship for students thus building a movement of positive change agents.

We empower young people through life skills, entrepreneurship and hands on vocational training to enable them create employment and contribute positively to community development and transformation. We promote active youth involvement in music, dance and drama, creative arts, public speaking, community volunteerism and sports as better alternative to violence.

More About Ye! Global

Ye!, an initiative by Child & Youth Finance International and endorsed by the G20 GPFI, is an international community of young entrepreneurs. The community is open to entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 30. Ye! facilitates the creation of online and offline communities of young entrepreneurs around the world where they can connect with their peers, mentors, various tools, resources and opportunities, including events to support their enterprises. Offline, Ye! works with young entrepreneurs to set up Ye! Chapters; self-managed communities which bring together local partners to create a stronger ecosystem.

By creating such a multi-faceted global network, Ye! aims to put youth in the driver’s seat when advocating for better policies and programmes. Ye!’s mission is to reduce youth unemployment, a growing crisis, by supporting youth entrepreneurship.

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