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If you have any website in WordPress then you must know the importance of WordPress Plugins.

Without plugins, you can’t create a premium looking website unless you are a professional in coding. 

By using the plugins, you can fully optimize your website or web pages. From the top to the bottom, you can use plugins to do things more creatively. With WordPress Plugins, you can create an SEO friendly, user-friendly website or web page. 

There are a lot of WordPress Plugins out there. Some of them are free and some of them are premium. It means there is a free version of some plugins but there is also a premium version of the same plugin with many extra features.  Plugins are very useful in many ways. Unfortunately, you can not use all the plugins at one time. That would be too heavy placing a burden on your sight and leading to slow loading of your website or web pages. 

To help you, we have compiled this list of WordPress Plugins which are the best in their respective offering. These ones are the must-have plugins for every type of WordPress website.

1) Yoast SEO:

wordpress, wordpress plugins, yoast seo

Without proper SEO you can not reach your goals. As you all know, by optimizing with proper SEO techniques you can rank your website or web pages in search engines. In WordPress, Yoast SEO does the job perfectly. By using this plugin you can totally optimize your web pages with proper SEO.

Yoast SEO will guide you to increase the SEO across all your web pages, posts or articles. With Yoast SEO, you can add Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions using the right targeted keyword. If you are hosting an e-commerce website, Yoast SEO will help with that also. You can optimize all the product searches and you can improve the readability of the content with this plugin.

This plugin comes with a Premium Version. In the free version, you can add only 1 targeted keyword. But, in the premium pack, you can add synonyms of the targeted keyword. You can add two or more keyphrases also, helping to improve your SEO. The plugin also comes with internal and external link suggestions. 

You can choose between the free and the premium version. The choice is up to you!

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

There is another plugin for SEO – All in One SEO Pack. You can also check out this plugin.

2) Elementor

wordpress, wordpress plugins, elementor

It's true, you can build pages in WordPress itself, but with Elementor Page Builder you can build something extraordinary! You can put your own creativity to use with this plugin. Design your website with no limits and create more user-friendly pages with the help of the elementor plugin. 

This plugin also comes with the Premium Version. In the premium version, you can create more high-end web pages and more customized web pages that will attract help you to attract a larger audience. You can add an image or video slider, different types of widgets, animated headlines and much more. 

Use this plugin if you want the more high-end and customized website!

You can choose between the Free or Premium version.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

3) Autoptimize

wordpress, wordpress plugins, autoptimize

Optimizing your website or web pages for better speed when its loading is a vital part in website building. For this, you need to optimize your images, your javascript, and CSS files. For this optimization Autoptimize is here to help.

The Autoptimize plugin fully optimizes your images, javascript and CSS files. It also optimizes the google fonts which can cause the render blocking. The auto caching policy of this plugin is also very good. You can delete all the unnecessary cached items from every field with the help of Autoptimize. 

This plugin also comes with Free and Premium Versions. In the premium pack, you will get more advanced options and features for optimizing your website or web pages.

To optimize your site more effectively you can use this plugin.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

Here is one similar plugin – WP Super Cache. You can try this too.

4) Contact Form 7

wordpress, wordpress plugins, contact form 7

For better Ranking, you have to add some mandatory pages to your website. These are i) about us page, ii) contact page, iii) privacy policy page. Every website should have these pages. The name of these pages give the visitor a clear understanding of what they will find there. 

You definitely need to create a contact page for people who want to contact you or the company to access further information. Contact Form 7 is the plugin for making such contact form. In this plugin, you can add any field to the form so you can ensure that you receive the information you want about the customers or clients who are trying to contact you or your company. 

This is one of the best contact form builders. You can download this plugin by clicking the download button.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

5) W3 Total Cache

wordpress, wordpress plugins, w3 total cache

This plugin is in stiff competition with the one listed above. Both plugins does the same job. But in W3 Total Cache you will have access to some advanced caching options. You can reduce the loading time of your website with the help of this plugin because has the Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration as well as many more features.

The minifying of HTML, javascript, and CSS of this plugin is good. This plugin will help you to improve the overall performance of your website. 

This plugin also comes with Free and Premium Versions. In the premium version you have access to extra optimizing abilities. You can choose what you need.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

6) WooCommerce

wordpress, wordpress plugins, woocommerce

There are so many people who want to create an e-commerce website to reach a broader market and sell more products. With the help of the WooCommerce plugin, you can create a great ecommerce platform in a very simple way. You can create any type of online store you want! There are lots of themes available.

With the help of more than 300 extensions, you can enhance your online store and can fullfill your audience’s unique needs. One of the best features of this plugin is that you can use affiliate links in the product, through which you can make a sale as an Affiliate Marketer.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

7) AddToAny

wordpress, wordpress plugins, add to any share button

You read an article and you want to share the article. What will you do? Copy the article link, open a new tab, type the social site, then finally you can share. This is a long process with many steps, isn’t it? But you need to share your article with other people, so you do it. With the AddToAny plugin, this entire process is made faster and easier. This plugin offers social sharing buttons as per your selection, allowing people to easily share the content using the sharing buttons. 

This plugin has more than 100 social platforms so you can create a button for just about any social network available! You can select the social icons which you want to show on your site. The best feature of this plugin is that it has a floating widget. The social sharing icons will float in the right, left, up, down, any side of the page that you direct it to. The best part, this plugin is absolutely free! This plugin is also designed for the AMP version.

Download now and start using it. It will increase your social share numbers, guaranteed.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

8) Insert Header and Footers

wordpress, wordpress plugins, insert header and footer

Sometimes you need to access the header.php, footer.php files to add some HTML code or HTML tags. That can be from anywhere like Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Facebook page etc. If you do not have enough knowledge of coding or PHP then this is not an easy task. But don't worry! To avoid these type of problems, there is plugin named Insert Header and Footer. 

In this plugin, there will be two separate boxes, one for the header tag and the other one is for the footer tag. If you need to add any HTML code in the header tag you just need to copy the code and paste it in the header box and do the same for the footer codes. You don’t need to access the header.php or footer.php files anymore for adding the codes!

Download here!

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

9) Google Analytics Dashboard

wordpress, wordpress plugins, google analytics dashboard

By tracking your website you can determine which article or pages are ranking and which are not, where you need to do some work, how much organic traffic you generating, and from where most of the visitors are coming. This will help you to understand why people come to your website and what they find most useful so you can work on the areas that are not and continue to strengthen the areas that are.

For the total website behavior tracking, use the Google Analytics dashboard. Here you can also see the real-time visitor information and traffic sources. You can also add the universal Google Analytics tracking to your website code. For full tracking support, you can download this plugin.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

There is a similar plugin named – MonsterInsights Google Analytics Dashboard. You can check that out also.

10) MailChimp

wordpress, wordpress plugins, mailchimp

Nowadays creating a landing page is a necessary element of any good marketing strategy. If you want to create various types of landing pages to promote any Affiliate Product or, if you want to gather email lists of your viewers, you can simply do that by using this very popular plugin, MailChimp. 

Mailchimp allows you to create an email subscription list and send all of them an email or newsletter. The MailChimp plugin comes in a free or Premium Version. In the premium version, you can create more catchy and premium looking landing pages to grab people's attention and make a sale. 

You can download the free version or buy the premium MailChimp plugin. It will be very helpful for generating an email list and allowing you to capitalize through direct mail, newsletters, and landing pages to drive more traffic to your website.

Wordpress, wordpress plugins

These are the best plugins that you can use right now to improve your website in a number of aspects of website development.

Remember, a heavy number of plugins enabled on your website can slow down your website speed. Use only the plugins that are necessary.

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