Ye! And Citi Alumni Network invite you to participate in a virtual live coaching session as part of Citi’s Global Community Day! Ye! And Citi are teaming up to bring the knowledge and expertise of the international network of Citi experts right to you!

Okay, you’ve caught my attention…

June 8th is Citi’s Global Community Day. So we thought, why not connect a community of experts to a community of knowledge hungry young entrepreneurs! So we are connecting experts and entrepreneurs from around the world for a day of coaching and knowledge sharing! This will take two forms:

  1. Virtual Live Coaching connecting Ye! Community members to Citi experts around the world

  2. Hot Takes! short videos will be shared throughout the day on June 8th and will share top tips from experts and trend insights from industry insiders around the globe.

Sounds interesting...what do I have to do to get involved?

Great question. If you are a Ye! Community member you are invited! All you need to do is register here. Most of the information will be pre-filled from your Ye! Profile; the more complete the better! This data will ensure we can share as much information with the Citi expert so they can better work with you! We also ask that you share the topics you would like to receive coaching on. After registration closes on 20th May, you will be connected via email to a Citi expert who has agreed to volunteer their time and is an expert in the topic of your interest.

Great! What else do I need to know?

All live coaching sessions will be hosted on June 6th 2019 via skype, google hangouts, webex or zoom. Via email, the Ye! team will support in ensuring that a time on the 6th and a channel for communication are agreed upon. If there is a problem with hosting the call on the 6th of June, you and the coach can agree to an alternative date, but it must be before June 8th. All sessions will be recorded so you can return to the information at anytime you like!

Do I need to bring anything to the session?

You should always come prepared! But more than anything, you should come with some critical questions you want the coach to answer. This way you can be sure to get the most out of him or her! Might also be good to be prepared to give the coach some key numbers or metrics about your enterprise (this can also be done before the session if you like).

Alright, I am ready! Where do I sign up?

Right here! Follow this link to fill in your name and the topic you want to be coached on!


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