Ye! is you! Ye! is the young kid with a dream. Ye! is the entrepreneur turning trash into building materials. Get to know Ye! here.​ This week, meet Sandra.

Throughout the Meet Ye! series, we will be sharing some inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs from the Ye! Community around the world. This is the part 1 in a 5 part series.

Ye! is the global community of young entrepreneurs. Ye! is made up of thousands of youths around the world with a vision to provide meaningful employment for their peers and themselves. These young entrepreneurs have a vision and they have pursued it, regardless of the outcome.

Ye! is Sandra

Sandra Letio is a community leader, a young entrepreneur and a Ugandan woman. Her company is called Pelere Group Ltd. and she makes Shea Butter soaps and detergents that are ecofriendly and sustainable. Her products are sourced locally and provide meaningful work for local producers of raw goods.

Sandra is also the previous Ye! Ambassador for Uganda. She grew the Ye! Chapter in Uganda to more than 270 young entrepreneurs by building partnerships and organizing events to support her peers and enhance their capacities.

Not only did Sandra build respect amongst her peers as a local changemaker, she became well known as an outspoken advocate for young woman entrepreneurs with international development agencies. She has worked closely with UN Women and USAID where she continues to share her story and fight for the needs of others like her. 

The national authorities have also taken notice. Sandra has worked with the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Trade offering her insights on youth and employment policies.

Meet Sandra

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