Over the course of 2017-2019, the Ye! Community undertook a series of activities in partnership with Mastercard Foundation. Throughout the course of this collaboration, the Ye! Community organized 3 events in 3 countries: Zambia, Uganda, and Ghana with the aim to connect youth entrepreneurs to resources, information, and a network, which would support the growth of their enterprises.

Events organized included trainings or workshops on various topics such as marketing, business modeling, financial management, and leadership, entrepreneurship awards, awarding outstanding youth entrepreneurs in various categories, pitching competitions where entrepreneurs competed and were judged by an esteemed Jury, and panel discussions. Events were attended by between 40 – 100 young entrepreneurs and in most cases took place over the course of two days. These events targeted youth entrepreneurs (30 years of age and younger) with functioning enterprises (although in some cases those at the idea stage also attended). 


Read the report here to discover the key learnings and outcomes of this collaboration.

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