Ye! is you! Ye! is the young kid with a dream. Ye! is the entrepreneur turning trash into building materials. Get to know Ye! here.​ This week, meet Ifrah.

Throughout the Meet Ye! series, we will be sharing some inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs from the Ye! Community around the world. This is the part 2 in a 5 part series.

Ye! is the global community of young entrepreneurs. Ye! is made up of thousands of youths around the world with a vision to provide meaningful employment for their peers and themselves. These young entrepreneurs have a vision and they have pursued it, regardless of the outcome.

Ye! is Ifrah.

Ifrah Arab Mohamed is a young social entrepreneur from Kenya. Through her venture Supermom, Ifrah supports women in rural communities to become financially independent and entrepreneurs themselves! She has been recognized the world over for her excellent work empowering women of all ages and supporting communities to thrive.

As the Ye! Ambassador in Kenya, Ifrah has supported her fellow young entrepreneurs by organizing events and activities as well as building a stronger network. Ifrah is committed to creating a stronger ecosystem for other young entrepreneurs. She imagines that in Kenya, future generations of young entrepreneurs won’t face some of the same stereotypes she did. Ifrah continues to speak internationally on behalf of young women. In 2019 she was invited to the Skoll World Forum as an emerging leader.

Meet Ifrah

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