Ye! is you! Ye! is the young kid with a dream. Ye! is the entrepreneur turning trash into building materials. Get to know Ye! here.​ This week, meet Amira.

Throughout the Meet Ye! series, we will be sharing some inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs from the Ye! Community around the world. This is the part 3 in a 5 part series.

Ye! is the global community of young entrepreneurs. Ye! is made up of thousands of youths around the world with a vision to provide meaningful employment for their peers and themselves. These young entrepreneurs have a vision and they have pursued it, regardless of the outcome.

Ye! is Amira.

Amira Elgharib is a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Cairo, Egypt. She is the Co-founder of a edu-tech startup called Orcas which provides employment opportunities through linking students, jobseekers to parents looking for tutors or babysitters, through an easy-easy-to-use application. Orcas is an example of the power of youth innovation, with a founding team comprised entirely of under 30’s.

Amira joined the Ye! Community in 2017. In 2018 she was awarded the Ye! Award for Egypt in the Superstar category. At the Awards Amira networked and exchanged ideas with other young entrepreneurs from around the country as well as government officials and bankers.

Since the Awards, Amira has remained connected with Ye! by linking with local experts from the network and joining the CYFI team in South Africa for its 5th Global Summit where again she connected with experts, entrepreneurs, and government authorities from around the world. In fact, Orcas was able to go on to secure an investment to scale their service!

Meet Amira

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