Throughout the Meet Ye! series, we will be sharing some inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs from the Ye! Community around the world. This is the part 4 in a 5 part series.

Ye! is the global community of young entrepreneurs. Ye! is made up of thousands of youths around the world with a vision to provide meaningful employment for their peers and themselves. These young entrepreneurs have a vision and they have pursued it, regardless of the outcome.

Ye! is Wilson.

Wilson Amooro is 30 years old and the founder of two social ventures, a published author, and a community leader. Wilson, through his enterprises Trash4Books and TREE Africa, supports young people in Bolgatanga to explore their creativity by learning about music and writing while also looking after the environment.

As the Ye! Ambassador for Bolgatanga in Ghana, Wilson has connected youth entrepreneurs from the region to one another through meetups and discussions, while also linking them to the resources available on the Ye! website. As Ambassador, his mission has been to enhance the capacities of youth entrepreneurs in this rural region of Ghana to the resources and network he has been able to tap into through working with Ye!. Wilson continues to work directly with young entrepreneurs as well as the next generation of potential entrepreneurs through his joint ventures and his role as Ye! Ambassador, continuously inspiring those around him.

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