Do you want to spend more time with your family (and your dog or cat)? Do you want to save time from traffic during rush hours? Is your company interested to recruit talents beyond geographic limits? Remote working might be the solution that you are looking for.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 virus in Asia, Europe and the US, many global companies, including Apple, Google, Twitter and Amazon, have restricted travel or asked their employees to work remotely as a precaution.

Despite its contentious pros and cons as an alternative to traditional office work, working remotely through virtual communication and collaboration, i.e. live streaming and cloud conferencing, is becoming more and more appealing to businesses, especially among tech companies.

This week, we have selected three articles and a TED video to give you more insight into why remote working might hold the future for the way we work.

In The Rise of Remote Working , we can see that the development of the Internet has made it possible to perform many jobs remotely.  If they choose, companies are now in a position to give any worker the choice between working from home and in the office. This offers workers the chance to live in lower-cost regions, enjoy more time spent with family, instead of commuting, and therefore experience a higher quality of life. The article also projects that remote working will continue to explode, with relevant tools accelerating this transition. Within 20 years, it is believed that the majority of people will be remote workers.

Apparently for some others, Working remotely: It's no longer a trend, it's the way of life . The blog post highlights the importance of balancing work and life, and lists the major benefits to remote working for employees and employers, i.e. cost saving, more productive, flexibility, access to a wider pool of applicants, etc. Join the discussion; is remote working the future for your business too?

Similarly, from the entrepreneurs’ point of view, 5 Reasons why Entrepreneurs need Remote Workers to Grow their Startup investigates how entrepreneurs can benefit from the remote working while maintaining their productivity. In particular, there are certain rules to live by if you have a mixed team working in the office and remotely in order to make your remote employees feel happier and connected.

Lastly, have you heard of “distributed working”? Matt Mullenweg, Co-Founder of WordPress and CEO of Automatic shares his secrets of distributed working via this TED video. Considering that employees today can collaborate across cities, countries and even multiple time zones. How does this change office dynamics and how can we make sure that all workers feel connected without the face-to-face meetups? 

Now, before you make your decision to go‘remote' or not, you might also want to check out the tools for remote working and management that we have selected for you.

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(Image credit: Shelly Palmer)

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