Like many other fresh graduates from college, I still remember how jealous I was after reading articles about working at Google and Facebook. Not only was I tempted by the competitive salary, but I was also amazed by some of the employee perks, including the innovative work environment cultures and facilities. These companies showed they were constantly searching for new ways to improve the performance, creativity and the well-being of their employees.

I am sure that I was not the only one who dreamt to be a part of these work environments, and young talent today continue to have a similar dream. Nevertheless, there is no rocket science behind Google or Facebook’s offerings, young aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself, can make it happen in your own company! Here are the tips to get you started!

First, a fact: one of the biggest headaches for business owners is finding good, or rather, GREAT employees. In particular, hiring millennials is considered to be even more difficult, as members of this generation are rumored to be less interested in holding down a job long term. However, millennials can be a valuable addition to your team by bringing youthful enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the job. So how can you make sure to attract the BEST millennial talent to help your business grow? Here is some advice from the Young Entrepreneur Council, an organization comprised of world's most successful entrepreneurs 40 and younger.

Now, another fact- it is not an exaggeration to say a war for talent is taking place in the business world. Apparently, just advertising a job in the usual way and selecting the best profile out of hundreds of candidates is no longer enough. The younger generation’s demands are changing along with their consumption habits, so check out the suggestions from The War For Talent: 4 Strategies To Better Attract And Retain Young Talent. Don’t get left behind as it could affect your bottom line!

Meanwhile, DO NOT forget to work on your internal HR management, recruitment process, as well as performance review!

For example, is your recruitment process appealing to the young talent? Do you know how to create a sense of purpose and a personalized experience for your team? Our recent blog Is Your Recruitment Process Millennial Friendly may have the answer for you.

Speaking of recruitment, defining the role is the foundation of any hiring process. If you do it incorrectly, the entire hiring process will be steered in the wrong direction. The clearer you are, the higher your chances of attracting the person you want are! Give it a try as explained in Make Your Job Description About Activities and see how things change.

Once you've hired millennial employees, it is critical to understand how to work with them, making sure to keep them engaged and performing at their best. For this, most supervisors in companies play the pivotal role in ensuring proper performance management. Tasks such as engaging with performance management work flows, working on the company strategy, or encouraging team collaborations, can be dreadful and inefficient for both the supervisors and their team members. As a result, most employees do not look forward to a review. Hopefully, How Can Supervisors Boost Performance can shed some light on the strategies for a supervisor to use to take the steam off their workers and make performance reviews something they can look forward to.

Lastly, as a good recap, let's listen to the expert from the Kauffman Founders School on how to build your team.

How can you become the next favorite employer without proper management and communications tools? Check them out and make changes today!

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