Are you feeling overwhelmed and concerned about your small business in the current pandemic?  

Are you wondering how you will cope after the pandemic is over?

Are you searching for practical advice and tips for surviving the crisis?

Do you want to improve or transform your business?

Do you want a chance to ask your questions to top business experts?

If YES, look no further! Join our upcoming Coping with COVID-19 webinar, designed with you in mind.

Challenging times can offer us opportunities to thrive. Over the course of the coming months, ITC's Ye! Community is hosting a series of webinars to connect its community of business coaches specialised in risk management and financial planning to young entrepreneurs. These webinars seek to share valuable and pertinent information with young entrepreneurs around the globe as the crisis threatens and challenges their businesses. Together we will share ways for SMEs to plan, adapt, and survive during a global economic downturn.

This webinar series will continue through the end of June and feature 6 episodes - each with a different expert and theme - to help you overcome obstacles and to help your business to thrive in this crisis. Our interactive dialogues will allow you to ask all your pressing questions to our coaches. 

Episode 6_ Expect the Unexpected: A Conversation between Entrepreneurs on How to Survive a Crisis, in partnership with the Z Zurich Foundation. The panel of experts and entrepreneurs will be shedding light on how to manage your business and take care of your mental wellbeing, when you face the challenges in the current and beyond the pandemic. We are ready to chat with you on 30 June, 16:30-17:45 (CET), Save the date and Register now!


Check all the expert insights shared so far!

Ep_6: Expect the Unexpected- A Conversation Between Entrepreneurs on How to Survive a Crisis

Ep_5: Cash-in, Cash-Out, Managing Finance in Times of Crisis

Ep_4: Trade in times of Crisis: Opportunities and Solutions through Digital

Ep_3: On Leadership Mistakes in Crisis and How to Learn From Them

Ep_2: Focusing on the essentials in managing cash flows and liquidity

Ep_1 : Focusing on the essentials in risk management with Hamidah Thanawala

Stay tuned for further episodes including these topics:

Financial planning

Relation management with suppliers and customers



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