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The Ye! Community by the Youth and Trade Programme from ITC is bringing you a new webinar programme with three core themes:

Connect. Learn. Share

The Why

We are bringing you a new webinar programme to help address three core issues the community has highlighted- access to experts, such as investors and business professionals, access to tools and resources and information on how to use them, and stories and exposure so that youth entrepreneurs can get inspired and connect with peers! The Ye! Enterprising Youth webinar programme seeks to remove silos around information through a regularly scheduled programme with guests from our network and to ensure that the Youth and Trade programme is consistently connecting and delivering on its goal to connect 100,000 youth with market-ready skills!

The What

Each webinar will fall under one of the three themes or series: Connect, Learn, or Share. Each webinar will bring you information from our vast partner network, from within ITC, or from the youth entrepreneurs that make up the Ye! Community. Some partners we will be collaborating with include the African Business Angels Network (ABAN), Citi Alumni Network, Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA), Lex Mundi, Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A), Habitat, and the Commonwealth Youth Council, just to name a few. These webinars will be a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking for business insights, information, resources and connection.

The upcoming 4-part sustainability webinars within the Learn series, are in collaboration with ITC's Trade for Sustainable Development  team. 

We will provide practical and actionable insights to young entrepreneurs, giving clarity around the complex legal net of organic certifications, sustainability standards, and address why having sustainability integrated into a business model can lead to greater profitability down the line.  

Part 2: Navigating the sustainability map tool to support your enterprise,  at 11:00 (CET), 17 Dec 2020 on Zoom. Register here.


Stay tuned for more on the following topics:

  • E-commerce
  • Micro-finance
  • Trade in the region and global market
  • Legal regulations in trade and beyond
  • Branding and pitching
  • Investing
  • Market Analysis
  • Partnerships


The Ye! Enterprising Youth webinars will take place throughout the duration of 2020 and will occur between once or twice a month for between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Webinars in the programme will be hosted on zoom or Instagram, and will vary on time and duration depending on the target geography.

How can you get involved?

Each episode will be open to all Ye! Community entrepreneurs and other youth entrepreneurs interested in the topic. 

For partners- 

Interested in contributing your expertise to organize a Ye! Enterprising Youth webinar episode?

Get in touch with us at and we can conceptualize how your expertise can be shared to support the community.

We are interested in collaborating with corporates, foundations, incubators, hubs, educators, entrepreneurs, and business executives.

Watch the full recordings of previous webinars below

Learn Series- Sustainability Pt 1: What is sustainability anyway?

Share Series Ep 4: In conversation with Jeph Acheampong

Share Series Ep 3: A converstion with Precious Nkandu Lumpa

Share Series Ep2: A conversation on Instagram Live with Nancy Amunga

Connect Series Ep3Linking Youth Ventures with African Investors: Focus on Anglophone West Africa

Connect Series Ep2: Entrepreneuriat Jeune: Mis en relation des jeunes femmes entrepreneures avec les investisseuses Africains

Share Series Ep1: Highlighting the stories of youth entrepreneurs in Turkey

Connect Series Ep1: Linking Youth Ventures with African Investors 

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