12 Guiding Principles to Building Partnerships for Success

At the 2021 ECOSOC Youth Forum, the International Trade Centre's Youth & Trade Programme led a thematic session on building partnerships to get things done. The session featured 6 incredible youth speakers (two of whom are Ye! members) to discuss with them about building partnerships to reach scale, generate impact and achieve the 2030 global goals. Some incredible insights were shared over the course of the hour long session. Best of all, the speakers shared their guiding principles on building successful partnerships. Check them out below.

Do you employ these tactics when approaching partners?



12 Guiding Principles to Building Partnerships for Success


  1. Become engaged from the very beginning - don’t be shy and voice your goals and needs

  2. Be excited about your goal and share the enthusiasm, energy and passion

  3. Trust your idea, believe in yourself, and be enthusiastic about it - people’s ears are open to support

  4. Look out for different partners, be open and value what they can contribute 

  5. Be strategic and form close alliances with people believing in your mission to achieve the common goal, regardless of the partner’s views and standpoints

  6. Understand your local context and your partners’ individual needs to strategically adapt your offering, programming and messaging

  7. Ensure that local voices are included in the project or programme creation and this will strengthen your offering

  8. Find out about and utilize the unique expertise of your partners to achieve maximum impact

  9. Ensure that equality is at the centre of your partnerships and everyone is a co-owner of the implemented solution

  10. Engage potential partners beyond simply seeking finance, you never know how a partner can contribute and just looking for financing partners will close you offer to receiving other forms of valuable contributions

  11. Have solid, clear and impactful communication about your goals and impact and communicate openly with your partners

  12.  Be there and stay there! Take your seat at the table and have faith in the value of your contributions.



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