BIG NEWS! Ye! Community members selected for the Westerwelle Foundation's Young Founders Programme!



Out of a total of 2,300 applicants, only 25 founders were selected for the autumn 2021 cohort of the Westerwelle Foundation’s Young Founders programme (YFP). In their midst are two of Ye! Community members: Federico Perez and Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa. 


Federico Perez became the Ye! Advisor to Ye!’s first Chapter in Colombia; our first Chapter in Latin America, earlier this year. He is the founder of Platinum Capital, where he is determined to empower underserved communities through export information, global value chain integration, resources and skills.


Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa is the founder of Dawa Health, a Zambian AI-powered health-tech start up providing maternal health services to expectant moms. As an experienced and recognised young entrepreneur, Tafadzwa currently acts as a mentor in our Ye! Chapter in Zambia where he works closely to pass on his knowledge to other aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting in their journey. 


Programmes such as the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme are crucial for supporting young entrepreneurs to hone their skills, enhance their networks, and tap into opportunities. The YFP is a 6-month fellowship for outstanding young entrepreneurs from emerging markets. It connects  young leaders in their pursuits to achieve entrepreneurial greatness and gives founders the opportunity to champion new approaches and to further nurture impactful business solutions by linking them up with mentors and experts in their respective fields. 


ITC’s Ye! Community is dedicated to placing its community members into valuable opportunities like the Young Founders Programme, which can help them through the tough journey of entrepreneurship. The partnership between Westerwelle Foundation and  ITC is an important step in connecting the dots between key ecosystem players and enhancing collaboration to better  support young entrepreneurs. 


Together with programmes like the YFP, ITC is committed to  providing entrepreneurs from Latin America, Asia and Africa with access to the right skills and networks so they can harness their talent and business ideas. Investing in their capabilities is key to unlocking access to decent employment, to create more, better and sustainable jobs for youth. 

Here at the Ye! Community, we continue to see immense value in building partnerships such as this. When two organizations are both committed to support young entrepreneurs to build resilient businesses that address society’s most pressing challenges…why wouldn’t we collaborate?! There is more to come so watch this space and continue to visit the platform regularly to access similar opportunities!

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