Annoucing a new network to connect youth ecopreneurs worldwide

The International Trade Centre's Ye! Community, has launched a network to connect youth ecopreneurs from the 2021 Youth Ecopreneur Awards Cohort and enhance collaboration between applicants.

This network will link the Awards' applicants to each other with the aim of spurring partnerships and co-created innovations. It seeks to enhance support for young ecopreneurs in the green transition by fostering a continuous dialogue between youth, the Awards partners, and ITC. 


About the Youth Ecopreneur Network

This network is a dedicated space for young entrepreneurs working in the following sectors:

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Waste Reduction and Sustainable Waste Management
  • Efficient Use of Water
  • Sustainability and the Green Transition

The Youth Ecopreneur Network is managed and operated by the the International Trade Centre's Ye! Community. The International Trade Centre is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. With the launch of this network, we are working to enhance the capacities of youth ecopreneurs to overcome barriers and scale up their green businesses.

Network Purpose

This network serves to connect youth ecopreneurs working around the world to overcome barriers to success in ecopreneurship and to spur action towards a green economic transition. The network aims to foster meaningful collaboration between network members and to spread knowledge and learnings from peer-to-peer.

This network will also provide access to resources, training materials, and webinars, targeting youth entrepreneurs in the green economy. Furthermore, this network will serve as a communication channel and data repository for the resources and engagements of the Youth Ecopreneur Awards team, post-Awards 2021 and onwards. It will also connect serve as a connection point between financiers, partners and key players in the green economy and youth ecopreneurs in the network, with the aim of scaling up their businesses and providing avenues for exposure.


Network Mission

Our mission is to connect youth ecoprenuers to one another and resources so as to enhance opportunities for learning, collaboration and co-creation in the green economy.


Network Vision

To see youth ecopreneurs building meaningful relationships across borders and time zones, and to support youth ecopreneurs to scale up their ventures, by overcoming obstacles in the industry through peer support and enhanced access to experts and knowledge. Furthermore, our vision is to increase innovation and knowledge exchange to speed up movement towards achieving the SDGs and the green transition.


Why join this network?

You should join this network if you are a young ecopreneur that is working towards achieving the SDGs and furthering the green economic transition. Join this network to keep looped into ongoing discussions, opportunities to partner or collaborate, showcase the exceptional work of your company, take advantage of activities for youth ecopreneurs, and stay tuned into upcoming opportunities for funding and Awards. You should also join this network to feedback your key insights to a UN agency and to make your voice heard!


Youth Ecopreneur Network: Guiding Principles

  1. Be respectful of others in this group, respect their time, their space, and their person

  2. Only through supporting one another can we overcome barriers; with this space we aim to support our fellow youth ecopreneurs and provide support where possible

  3. Peer learning and mentorship is encouraged

  4. No spamming of fellow network members

  5. Support network members through meaningful engagement and resource sharing

  6. Active participation and engagement is what this network is built upon

  7. Feedback and inputs for will ensure continuous improvement of the network

  8. Seek out connection and opportunities for co-creation with fellow network members

  9. Listen respectfully to network members

  10. Zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind 

  11. Respect the network purpose; refrain from discussing politics or religion in this space

  12. Have fun!


Ready to join us! Click here to join the Youth Ecopreneur Network (must be a member to join).


Not yet a member, sign up here to join the Ye Community and join the network!


Additional Notes

Network administrators have the right to remove from this group members who are disrespectful or who do not meet the target audience of this network space. 

The network is managed by Ye! Community. Please contact for questions, querries or further information on the purpose of this group.

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